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Updated Obo Carrier Details
Usage and Purpose Seagoing Bulk Carriers

Operation of sea going bulk carriers posed a number of risks. The safety of seagoing bulk carriers is the subject of careful plan. This site provides a quick reference to an international shipping community, offering guidance and details on loading and discharging of various bulk cargo types . It is to remain within the limitations that are set by the classification society. It's vital to reduce the risk of stressing the ship's structure , and following all necessary safety precautions to ensure secure sea crossing. We have detail pages that cover various topics related to bulk carriers. These pages are beneficial both for those onboard and those ashore at the terminal.

The general characteristics of bulk seagoing vessels
Bulk carriers have only one deck and comprise top-side tanks and the hopper tank. They can transport bulk cargo that is a single item. Solid bulk cargo refers to any substance other than gas or liquid that is larger pieces of material, usually evenly arranged, and loaded directly into ship's cargo space. Dry cargo includes sugar, bulk grains, and even ores. The broadest definition of the word bulk carrier, all ships that are designed to carry bulk goods (solid or liquid) in bulk could be classified as bulk carriers. Tankers are also included under this umbrella. The term is typically used to describe ships that carry solid bulk cargos. This includes grains and similar agricultural products. Check out this dry cargo ships blog for more.

[Image: Dry-Bulk-Shipping.jpg]

What Is Bulk Carrier?

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

-Carrying capacity varying from 3,000 tonnes to 300,000 tonnes
Average speed of 1215 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Carriers from small to medium size (carrying up to 40,000 tonnes) usually have cargo handling gear. Larger vessels are, however, equipped with facilities on shore to unload and load.
-Cargo holds are often big and clear of obstructions. Large hatch sizes allow for easy loading and unloading.
-Most bulk carriers have one cargo hold designated for an ballast hold. It can be utilized on ballast voyages for improved stability. To partially ballast there are two or three additional holds may allow but only at port.
They are available in single pull or stacking (piggyback) and type hatch covers made of steel.
-Four types or ballast tanks
Sloping topside wing tanks
Sloping bottom side of wing tank
Double bottom tanks
Post peak and peak peak ballast water tanks

What is bulk cargo that is solid? Any material other than liquid or gasoline comprised of the mixture of smaller pieces that are uniform in composition and loaded directly into cargo areas. There are numerous cargoes carried by bulk transporters. They include food and minerals that may react with one another or in conjunction with water sources. For loading cargo, it is essential to wash the area thoroughly. A surveyor may be needed to mark the space as ready for loading. To avoid contamination, it is important to get rid of any remnants left from earlier cargo. The bulk cargo is most susceptible to damage from water. This means that the holds must be dry in order for the cargo to be accepted. Additionally hatch covers need to be sealed and watertight if required to stop water from entering. All fittings inside the storage area (ladders pipe guards, ladders as well as bilge covers.) It is essential to check all fittings in the hold for cargo (ladders and pipe guards etc.) and ensure that they are correctly installed. The equipment could cause severe delay and damage to conveyor belt systems. Inadvertent discharge of cargo will result in the ship being accountable. Peruse this dry cargo chartering blog for more.

[Image: MV-Derbyshire-colour.jpg]

Bulk Carrier, Bulker This vessel is intended to transport dry cargo. A typical bulk carrier has only a single deck, one skin, and a double bottom. It also contains topside tanks as well as cargo space tanks. Bulk carriers can be used to transport heavy ore and light grain with their greatest weight. The loading, carriage and discharge of bulk dry cargo aren't as straightforward or as simple as most people believe.

Carrier for bulk materials without equipment
Many bulk cargoes be dangerous or alter their properties during transport. Improper loading could lead to damage to the vessel easily. loading a forward hold to it max can cause the ship to be bent. This is known as "stress?" could cause life-threatening consequences during rough seas. Remaining cargoes can also be affected by residuals from other cargoes. Some bulk cargoes may also be affected by water damage. cement power. It's not always simple to verify the exact weight of the cargoes that were loaded or removed. These factors can have severe implications for the safety of bulk cargoes. Discharging bulk cargo using? Bulk cargoes possess an inherent tendency to form a cone once they are loaded, if conveyor belts and similar systems aren't monitored and monitored. This angle is called the "angle of repose" and it varies depending on the specific cargo. Iron ore cargoes, on the other hand have a steeply-angled cone. Cargoes that flow free will form cones that are shallower. Cargoes with low angles of repose tend to move through the course of transport. When the cargo is nearing completion, bulldozers might be necessary to distribute the load within the hold. While most dry-bulk carriers use shoreside facilities for cargo loading or discharge Some bulk carriers provide self-unloading options using conveyors under the cargo hold or cranes in decks.

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