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PVSOL 2020 R8 PHOENICS v2016
Torrent download Shoemaster v2019 Envi v5.5.3 DHI MIKE ZERO v2021 ispring platform sdk 6.2.0 UASMaster v12 "#" to "@"-----
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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016
Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2015.4
MSC Actran v15.1
PTC MathCAD 15.0 M045
Concepts Nrec Axcent
Concepts Nrec Max-Pac
Concepts Nrec Pumpal
Csimsoft Trelis Pro v15.2.1 WinMacLnx
Hampson Russell HRS v10.6
Delcam Postprocessor v2014 R2 SP1
Lumion Pro 9.0.2
xNurbs 4.0 for Rhino
ADAPT Builder 2019.2 x64
Leica. HxGN MinePlan (ex.Mintec MineSight)2019 v15.6 x64
Dlubal RFEM v5.05 Win64
Dlubal RSTAB v8.05 Win64
Micro-Cap v11.0.1.5 Win32_64
DIANA FEA 10.4 x64
DS CATIA V5-6R2012 SP6 HotFix26
DS_CATIA_V5-6R2014_SP6 HF04
Napa v2020
Zirkonzahn modellier 1.0
DP Technology ESPRIT 2019 R1
CD-Adapco SPEED 10.06
Siemens NX 1859 Win64
Vectorworks 2019 SP1 x64/MacOS
MedCalc v19.0.2 x32x64
Bentley AutoPIPE Advanced V8i SELECTseries 5 v09.06.01.10 & Nozzle
Hex-Rays IDA Pro 6.8 Incl. All Decompilers
Intergraph CADWorx (Plant, P&ID, Equipment, IP, SpecEditor) 2016 v16.0
Mastercam X9 version 18.0.15514
Twinmotion v2016
Nozzle Pro 2011 v1.0.83
PVsyst v6.77
NI Data Management Software Suite 2018 SP1
Snopsys PrimeTime StandAlone tool vP-2019.03 Linux
NETool v3.2
DecisionTools Suite Industrial 8.1.1
Optimal Solutions Sculptor v3.7.8 x64 WinLnx
PipeFlow Expert v7.4
PowerSurfacing v2.2-2.4-3.0 for SW2012-2016 64bit
PROKON.V3.0.07 x32
GateCycle v6.1 sp1
Ansys Products v17.0 Win64Linux64
Capture Smart3D v4.0
SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0
MetaCAM EX v6.1
CLC Genomics Workbench 21
PTC Creo v3.0 M070
IHS.perform v2021
schneider electric 2005(concept 2.6 powersuite 1.5)
s7 200 opc server pc access 1.0 v1.0
CimPack v10.3.3
VirtualGrid VRMesh Studio v8.51
rocscience Slide v6.037
Siemens NX 8.5.3 MP11 win_linux
Thunderhead Engineering PyroSim 2015.4.1208 x64
Pix4Dmapper 4.6.3
Primavera P6 Pro R15.2
AutoSPRINK VR11 Win32
Pipeline Studio v4.0.0.0
Hypersizer Pro v6.4.53
QuickBooks Pro 2016
TracePro v7.43 x64
Vertical Mapper v3.7
Tekla Structures v21.1 SR2 Win64
IES-Coulomb Electro v92 win7x32x64
wonderware intouch fsgateway 1.5 sp1
Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3.0
whittle v4.7
LcinkCTF V2.3
Mentor Graphics SystemVision 2016 v16.1
Wolfram SystemModeler v4.2 winLinuxMacosx
Mott MacDonald STEPS v5.1.0034
Intergraph CAESAR II 2016 v8.00.00.5600
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.2.1 Build 2278 Win32_64
Blue Marble Geographic Calculator v2016 Win32_64
Bricsys.BricsCAD.Platinum.v16.1.05.3 x32x64
SenEx v2.0.40
rsnetworx for devicenet 6.0
ge interllution ifix v3.5
Invensys SimSci-Esscor PROII v9.4
logvision v4.0
techno ejay 5
Robotmaster V6 with SP3 x86x64
PVElite v2020
Mentor Graphics Nucleus Source Code 2015.07 Lniux
Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench 2014.05.46 Linux
VPstudio v12.01 SP2 x32x64
Skyline Photomesh v6.6.1
jason v11
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.4
3D-Tool V12.0
mikroC PRO for PIC 2015 v6.6.1
DownStream Products v2015.12
hyperMILL v2014.1 SP1
Antenna Magus Professional v5.5.0
IBM Rational Software v9.0
Luxion.Keyshot.v6.0 Win32_64
Norsar 2d 3d v5.3.1
PARTsolutions V9.01
IBM Rational Rhapsody v9
MecSoft RhinoCAM 2016 For Rhinoceros 5 v6.0.0.215 Win64
Schlumberger Petrel 2014.2 With plugins Win64
Synopsys CustomSim (XA) 2013 Linux32_64
synopsys design complier DC 2013.03 SP1
Inpho UASMaster 12
FTI FormingSuite v2015.2.0.2123 Win32_64
Golden Software Voxler v4.1.509
MicroSurvey FieldGenius v8.1.15.5
NextLimit Realflow v2015. WinMacOSXLinux
hrs strata v10
Transoft Solutions AutoTURN v1.0.3.148 For Autodesk Revit 2016
Transoft Solutions AutoTURN v9.1.0.108
The Foundry Mari v3.0V2 Win64Linux64MacOSX64
The Foundry Mischief v2.1.3 winmac
Thinkbox.Deadline.v7.2.1.10 winlinuxmac
Vero VISI v2016 R1
VisualPVT v3.7.0.97
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