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Don't talk to me.
It's not boring. Yu Sheng pressed his cell phone and directed him remotely for a while, faintly hearing the sound of playing on the court turning into a bit of a noisy argument. When I looked up, I found that two groups of people did not know when to argue. Those who came were also a group of students in school uniforms. They were very arrogant. The first one was holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth. His hair was combed back. He looked very imposing. Yu Sheng did not pay much attention to other classes, but looking at the degree of fading and dyeing of school uniforms, it should not be their year. Looking at the basketball in the hands of that group of people, it is estimated that they should also come to play to grab the court. There are only a few stadiums that can be used, and it is rare to compete seven or eight times a week. In the past year, half of the fights that Yu Sheng helped the town field were almost all conflicts over the court. He didn't pay much attention to it. He put his cell phone back in his pocket and was ready to go over and have a look. Suddenly, he was pressed by the monitor on his shoulder. Don't look up. Several people in their class came over and blocked him airtight. The monitor lowered his head and looked very deep for no reason: "Don't let them recognize you." The members of the life committee lined up, took the monitor's shoulder and pretended to look at the scenery. One hand touched the pocket twice: "Keep looking at the mobile phone. Brother Sheng, give you a mask." “……” Yu Sheng could not quite understand the intentions of these people: "What are you doing?" "You have to be able to grab the court, and you have to play the game." The school committee pushed the glasses: "Our class finally has a sparring team that comes to our door. Brother Sheng, don't make a sound. They will run away as soon as you make a sound." …… Jin Linkun came to pick up Yu Sheng with a big bag of oil, salt,multi disc screw press, sauce, and vinegar. When he heard about the incident, he handed over a bottle of pulse: "Shouldn't the development of this kind of story be that they provoke endlessly, and then people on both sides begin to have conflicts?" Then their children took the opportunity to shoot, dribbling and dunking smartly, so as to sober up the team who dared to provoke. Think too much,rapid sand filters, Mr. Jin. Their class monitor is very rational: "Sheng elder brother does not need to dribble, also does not need to dunk, so long as passes a person they to wake up." I can't even fight. Think about it this way, the life of being a leader is actually a bit boring. The students of Class 7 also felt that it was not appropriate to let Brother Sheng be bored for them for so long, so they decided to summon up courage to accompany them to relieve their boredom and satisfy the picture that Teacher Jin had just made up for. Wearing a mask, Yu Sheng was inexplicably surrounded by a group of people playing with their mobile phones for a long time. He was hooking the mask down and raising his eyebrows when he heard this. The Sports Committee had just finished abusing the team of senior two who had come to provoke them. They were in high spirits and came excitedly with the ball. When they saw Yu Sheng raising his eyebrows and legs, they instinctively softened: "After the squad leader, I don't think I dare to break the ball of Brother Sheng.." The point guard trembled: "I don't want to control the ball very much. I want to recite the text when I see Brother Sheng now." "Comrades, give me face." Yao Qiang played center in the first round, and his brain made up for Yu Sheng's aura with the ball: "If you find me playing the ball and suddenly stand at attention to make way, disc air diffuser ,rotary vacuum disc filters, please don't take a picture and send it to the circle of friends.." …… But it's obviously not interesting to play basketball like this. It's better to let Yu Sheng hold the ball himself, pass it casually in front of the air, and then perform a three-step layup. Duan Lei thought carefully on the side: "There may be a way." The students of Class Seven didn't want to let Brother Sheng lose the fun of playing, so they quickly came over, "What can I do?"? Say it quickly and see if there are any conditions for it to come true. "There are conditions." Duan Lei touched his chin. "Teacher Jin, can you play basketball?" Five minutes later, Jin Lin Kun also took off his coat, put his things on the sidelines, and moved his wrists twice. Class 7 simply re-divided the team, the main starting team was divided into two teams, and gathered some people, one followed Yu Sheng and the other followed Jin Lin Kun, the momentum looked much stronger than before. Unexpectedly, Lao Duan is also a talented person. When the Sports Committee followed Jin Linkun this time, they suddenly felt more confident and were doing preparatory activities vigorously: "You may not believe it, but now I am suddenly full of confidence to compete with Brother Sheng.". ” Yao Qiang stood firmly in the first team of their brother Sheng, disdaining his arrogance: "What's the point of a showdown?"? It's really cool to lie down and win. I haven't seen Brother Sheng control the whole court by himself for a long time. The two groups of people had high morale and said harsh words to each other for a long time. After looking up for a while, I found that the two big men who led the team to prepare for the confrontation were still together. Isn't it cold to wear this? Jin Lin Kun pulled Yu Sheng to stand on the sidelines and discussed with him in a low voice: "It's better to put on your coat. The wind is a little cold today, so as not to catch a cold." Yu Sheng took off his glasses and wiped them twice with his clothes. "No, it's in the way." As soon as Jin Lin Kun nodded, Yu Sheng stood up and neatly took off his coat. He's wearing a white hoodie today, which is a little thin, and it doesn't look very cool. Jin Linkun was worried, so he pulled the man over again and pinched the cloth and twisted it carefully. It's not that expensive. Yu Sheng poked his clean glasses back. "Can you really play basketball?" Not that I don't believe it. It's just that this man had a black history of playing games that claimed to be playing well before, and Yu Sheng was not sure what level he was playing "basketball well". Considering the recent blind worship of their family education by the students of Class 7, if Jin Linkun's level is still comparable to the game, he has to consider how to release water first. Jin Lin Kun opened his mouth to meet the children's line of sight, first did not hold back a laugh out: "Really." I used to play a lot, and I shot three points very accurately. Provincial demonstration also has special enrollment in sports. When he was in the second year of high school, the course was too easy. Because he had to do experiments, he got a lot of leave and went to the sports team to play basketball together. The main reason is handsome. Jin Linkun was very open-minded and did not deny the state of mind at that time: "At that time, I was young, and I learned whatever handsome I saw, and I tried many styles.." Yu Sheng raised his eyebrows: "Did you finally order the black shirt?" “……” Jin Linkun,Wall Penstocks, dumb, opened his mouth, coughed lightly and smiled: "Actually." Yu Sheng: "He is very handsome." 。

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