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There is a good pet at home
After walking out of the maze, there is a beautiful white corridor, which looks like the same style as the Elf City. Meticulous carved wooden railings, fresh and lovely vines hanging down from the ceiling, and some unknown flowers and grass. The corridor is not long. It leads to another hall. The place behind the labyrinth is the place where they have never been. Because the previous maze is very difficult to walk, if this is not three elemental skills, it is impossible to get out of the maze. Or is this the final level that only skilled people can pass? There is obviously something wrong with this setting, Zi Luolan thought gloomily. It's not a fantasy hero novel, so why does the power to break through the final barrier fall on some people at the beginning, like the plot in fatalism? How can there be such things as "fate" and "fate" in such a plot as online games. Zi Luolan thought as she followed her pride into a hall. It was a very large hall, at least a thousand feet in diameter, and it was a perfect circle. The windows are stained glass with black iron bars on the windows, and the floor is a white marble. Maybe it's a whole piece of marble so big that you can't find a thread or seam at all. Its curved zenith is very high, with dense colors, maybe some paintings, but because the zenith is too high, no one can see it clearly. Ina could see clearly, but she could not speak, and although the place was huge,Lamella Plate Settler, it looked like a cage, so Renas put the winged elves away early. There was only one door in the hall, the one they came in by, and the rest of it was stained glass — and even with all the glass it had, and all the sunshine outside, there was something spooky about it. …… "There's no way out," said Renas,Rotating sludge scraper, scratching her hair. "Are we going the wrong way?" "No, there is only one corridor out of the labyrinth, and only this door." Proud boots made a lonely echo on the hard marble, and he went to the stained glass. He walked slowly past the first pane of stained glass, as if something on it had caught his attention. "What are you looking at?" Ace shouted. "We're stuck here. Would you like to go back and walk again to see if there's anything missing.." Before he had finished speaking, the door behind him seemed to have been pushed hard by someone, making a "bang" and closing directly. The sound was very loud, and I was surprised that the wooden door was all right, but because of the circular hall, the echo effect was very good. Ace looked at the door and the unmoved pride and shrugged. "Well, pride, you can keep looking." Anno and Ziluolan also went to the stained glass. Although from a distance, these glasses are mixed with several colors, MBR reactor ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, you can clearly feel that they are vivid paintings when you look at them closely. "It looks like a story," said Zi Luolan, looking at it slowly. What a strange story! It seems to be different from the Bible. Anno said softly. This is a creation story. In the Bible, God created the world, and here.. Pride stood before a piece of stained glass and said softly, "Oh, a God of death made the world." "Death?" Cried Ace, running to Pride and staring at the painting. "What kind of horror novel is this?" "In our culture, the God of death is the symbol of all death, the God that all life meets at the end," Pride said softly, "but he is also the representative of'new life 'and'new beginning'." "So the creation of the world should be a matter of course?" Anno asked. Perhaps in a world of death, death is the one who gives life, "Pride turned to Anno and said," Remember the legend of the Golden Flower City? The young man in a black cloak buried the golden flower of life in the barren land that even demons feared, making it a beautiful flower capital now. ” "It is death that creates life, then." Anno pointed to the stained glass in front of him. "What is this angel with white wings?" "Angels usually represent the will of God, but of course in this strange game it may be the opposite." Pride was silent for a moment and said, "Death is the God who gives life, and if the angel stands on the opposite side of Death, it probably means the end." "How can this be?" Ace glared at the stained glass. The end of everything means that all life returns to the embrace of God, "Pride said softly." Death brings life to this world again. This is an endless cycle. Once one side disappears, the world will lose its vitality. " "But what does this have to do with our game? Even if we know the history of the game, can we get out of here?" Renas shrugged her shoulders and said. As though Really can't, Zi Luolan thought helplessly, that door they had already tried to go out again at all, and there was no other exit in the hall, it was useless to attack a few times on the wall. And the walls are different from the walls of the maze. Although the walls of the maze are walls, they are actually made of plants, so there are still gaps between them. The walls are made of special stones, which can not be passed by elemental skills at all. Ziluolan walked slowly up and down the hall, which was a perfect circle, but empty and empty. If there is a ghost or something, there is nothing in the whole hall now, and a feeling of inactivity makes people even more depressed. Suddenly he stopped and shouted, "Anno, come and stand here." Anno came over doubtfully and saw Zi Luolan standing there, pointing to the place in front of him. "A marked place," said Zi Luolan. The ground was white, and so was the place where Zilanluan pointed, but it was slightly concave. The concave shape looked like a flower, but if you looked more carefully,Belt Filter Press, it was a flat snowflake. "I have such a piece here, too," Ace cried. Zilan ran to see what a small cluster of flames looked like at his feet. Ace stood up.

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