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Online Game Master Mo Run Author: Xiao Muhan (1)
The scale of this group fight is much larger than last time, white fire is not a participant in the event, in fact, there is no position to say anything, but after all, cold smoke is a friend of the master, no matter how can not stand idly by, so I plan to ask cold smoke, by the way, if it can be persuaded to stop. Because the cold smoke was in the center of the battlefield, the white fire stood on the periphery and could not touch her at all, so it walked slowly and carefully towards the cold smoke. Seeing that hope was ahead, the white fire was about to click on the cold smoke when suddenly a white light flashed, "I died before I got out of the army, which made the hero full of tears." The words of grief and indignation appeared on the screen, and the white fire angrily revived in situ and stood up to see who had killed him. Looking at the sky, why did you cut off the water again? This guy is not finished, right? Last time they killed each other and made peace. Now there is no entanglement between them. Why did they suddenly kill again? The white fire was about to question him when he turned around and saw that the knife had been raised not far from him. My God, the white fire quickly ran to the side, at the same time press and hold the shortcut key to add defense and attack,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, while running and fighting back. Unfortunately, to a large extent, speed determines efficiency, level determines attack, profession determines strength, and old birds must operate better than rookies. So the white fire fell down for the second time. Draw a knife to cut off water: "This is you come to the door, don't find your master to complain that I killed you for no reason." White fire:.. I haven't done anything yet. Draw a knife to cut off the water: "Get up quickly.". Aren't you here to help? White fire: "Actually,dap diammonium phosphate, I'm here to stop the fight..." Draw out a knife to cut off water: "Do not laugh dead person, you a little doctor runs to persuade what to fight?"? I advise you to hurry back and cry with your master in your arms. Don't invite people to kill you here. Jiudao Liuxue is famous for this apprentice. Her equipment makes many female players jealous and drooling. If it explodes carelessly, it is also very good. White fire:.. Can't you just stop and talk? Draw a knife to cut off the water and turn around the white fire twice. "Do you think this is a child's family wine?"? Start when you say start and stop when you say stop? White fire has been resurrected in situ again, so standing there with a knife cut off the water to talk, unexpectedly no one came to kill her, she is also happy to avoid killing with people. However, the people around still kill blood, there is no momentum to stop. White Fire: "Hey, you let them all stop, so killing is endless, but also waste their own medicine and puppets." Draw a knife to cut off water: "It is the hand that the person that you help moves first obviously, how can be stopped first by us?"? You go and talk to your help. The battle has been going on for more than half an hour, and it's really not good for both sides to keep fighting like this. It's just cheaper for the players who sell drugs and puppets. It's just a sigh of relief for themselves, but both sides have suffered heavy losses. White fire sees he has the idea of vacillation, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,caustic calcined magnesite, say quickly: "Then you are in charge of persuading the person that you help." Draw a knife to cut off water hesitated: "Good." So the two men went to find their own leader. White fire is walking, suddenly saw someone add her friend, click on a look, it is actually a knife cut off water. Leng for a moment, or click to accept and add him as a friend. The author has something to say: Let's talk about it: 1. This chapter is unfinished and to be completed. Yesterday, on my uncle's birthday, the whole family went to my grandmother's house for dinner and came back late. 3. For no reason, I'm grumpy. There is no feeling of writing, ah, ah, ah, there are all kinds of plots, foreshadowing and foreshadowing, but I can't type out the words. I'm neurotic. I can't even smoke. Who gives me a hair? I want to abuse people. Who is good?? In fact, I am my own mother. I love her so much. She will be very happy. — — 2009/09/18 13:32 Extremely grumpy crawling away This chapter is finished, and the brain is clear. Originally let Shimizu Taiyan stimulate his brain, and he got through, ah ha. It's just, that speech is too clear, ah, ah, ah. ——2009/09/19 09:56 Part23 I will. But I'll take you back to the next level, put everything back to the way it was and make it better. —————————————————— White Fire ran into YY and howled: "Are you tired of fighting?" Soon someone answered cheerfully, "How can you be tired?"? I haven't played so well in a long time! "Yes, cool is just one word!" "Would you like to kill someone, too?" "No, I can't kill you, I'll only be killed." "It doesn't matter. With your brothers to cover you, you can just cut down others." "Watch, who can take care of me when you kill me?" "Then follow your brother and chop it down!" "Watch, if you are hacked to death, I will die immediately." "Humph!"! Where's Brother Curse? My brother won't die. "I said, can the brothers stop and rest for a while?" Holy shit! I was killed by that boy just now. If I don't come back, I'm not a man! "Yes, if it's a man, he'll explode his chrysanthemum!" “……” “……” "Xiao Bai, if you don't fight, just watch and play in the back, so as not to be injured by mistake!" "My brothers will play with these boys again!" White Fire continues to be embarrassed. Why are these warm-blooded warmongers so stubborn? She still wanted to continue lobbying, but was immediately frustrated by the heated discussion and the sound of fighting. Forget it, call the master. As soon as I sent a text message to the master, I received the message of cutting off the water with a knife: "Did you convince me?" White fire: "Er … …" Wait a little longer. Draw a knife to cut off the water: "Depend on!"! Women are really unreliable! White fire: "… …" Soon, Jiudao Liuxue replied, "I'll be right up." Sure enough, two minutes later,Magnesium Oxide powder, White Fire saw the master on the line. Seeing that he was on the same line, he immediately sent a team formation request. White Fire: Tears … Master, you're here at last. Jiudaoliuxue: "Yes.". Where are they? 。

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