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Dandy Genius of Power (Power)
As he spoke, Tsai Ming-yuan pressed hard. Now the power of Yan Danqing's medicine has not come back. He is not sober at all. He just muttered to himself, "Don't make trouble, don't make trouble!" Staring at the scene with four eyes, Li Xuan hurriedly took out his cell phone and said, "We must record this glorious moment. I didn't expect that Yan Shao, one of the leaders of the princeling party, would be in such a mess.". I'm laughing to death, I'm laughing to death! The two of them worked in the room for a long time and finally withdrew. And the whole room because Yan Danqing did not come out, so no one dared to go in. Until the next morning, the entire Royal Court Hotel heard a hysterical cry: "Jun Haotian, Jun Haotian, I swear I will never let you go!" Yan Shao calculated others, but was Jun Haotian pit, this scene is simply embarrassing to the extreme, really how a word! Chapter 577 changes in many ways. Yan Danqing set up a game to engage in Jun Haotian, did not expect to pit himself in, but also let Cai Mingyuan and Li Xuan two people picked up a joke. Yan Danqing is naturally furious, but the most worrying is Si Xuanhai, Si Xuanhai and Jun Haotian did not have any quarrel,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, but joined the incident is not picked out. The son of a provincial party secretary, his confidence is not as tough as Yan Danqing, and he himself is a mayor, once someone catches something, then his political career is over. However, Jun Dashao obviously did not want to make an issue of these photos, but just wanted to give Yan Danqing a warning. Three days later, Kyoto was still as calm as a pool of stagnant water,Magnesium Oxide price, which made Si Xuanhai feel a little relieved. Si Xuanhai is a wise man after all. In this case, he has only two choices. Or follow Yan Danqing to completely bring down Jun Haotian, or can only take refuge in Jun Haotian. After thinking about it, Si Xuanhai finally chose to take refuge in Jun Haotian. It's very simple. As a princeling in Kyoto, it's too difficult for Yan Danqing to bring down Jun Haotian. And it turns out that you didn't succeed with intentional design or unintentional design. There is obviously no future with you. But now Kyoto is like a calm sea, although there is nothing on the sea, but there is an undercurrent everywhere. But the center of the storm is not in Kyoto, but in Binhai. After the bloody battle at the port three days ago, Xue Jiansheng did not immediately return to Dujia Manor. First, because the Lin family intervened in this matter, he did not want to cause trouble to the Green Gang. Second, and most importantly, he did not understand what the old gang leader was thinking. Once you go back, will you be killed. By this time, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide price, the Lin family's actions in the harbor were over, and the half-sunken freighter had been completely salvaged. The team of the Lin family had returned to the East China Sea with the cargo on the freighter. Inside Du's manor, a dusty Xue Jiansheng stood in front of Du Chunfeng. But three days, the whole person is a circle of thin, people are not ghosts. Seeing Du Chunfeng, he burst into tears: "Sect Leader, Sect Leader, I deserve to die. I didn't finish the task given to me by the Sect Leader. I deserve to die!" At the first moment of seeing Xue Jiansheng, Du Chunfeng could not recognize that kneeling in front of him was the head of his own punishment hall. As soon as he picked up Xue Jiansheng's shoulder, Du Chunfeng also felt a little sad. The old man burst into tears and said, "Jiansheng, get up, get up quickly. It's good to be alive. It's good to be alive!" "Master!" Du Chunfeng was stunned for a while before he said, "Jiansheng, where is Wen yuan?" "Old Tang, Old Tang, he's dead." Xue Jiansheng choked up. Although already knew this news, but this news from Xue Jiansheng's mouth said is still lets Du Chunfeng's body slightly shake. Only then did Du Chunfeng realize that his psychological preparation was far from enough. Perhaps it is old and affectionate, Du Chunfeng's eyes have been moist. But Du Chunfeng, after all, is a person who does great things, and soon came to his senses: "Jiansheng, take a sip of water first, and speak slowly. What happened?"? I give you and Wenyuan more than one hundred gunmen, even if can not completely annihilate the effective strength of the family, but also not lose so miserably, what happened that day? Because none of the brothers of the Green Gang came back alive from the port that day, and the port was completely sealed off afterwards. Although Du Chunfeng also inquired in many ways, there was still no news. Now that Xue Jiansheng is back, the mystery in Du Chunfeng's mind is naturally to be solved. Because such a loss has exceeded Du Chunfeng's psychological endurance. In Du Chunfeng's prediction, the elimination of Lian's family to pick up the goods, dragged to the police, his side lost less than half at most. At least some of them will come back alive. But the reality is totally different from what he imagined. Tang Wenyuan is dead. More than a hundred gunmen were almost wiped out, but also let the Lian family rob most of the cargo on board, this is simply an incredible thing. So Du Chunfeng must make the whole thing clear. The corners of Xue Jiansheng's mouth kept trembling, and his expression was completely cruel to the bone. I don't know how long it took him to tremble. Xue Jiansheng gnashed his teeth and said, "It's Tianmen, it's Tianmen. They suddenly came out and helped the Lian family and killed all the brothers of the Green Gang.". Killed Old Tang too! Is it them? Why? Why Du Chunfeng was silly when he learned the news. Two questions in a row. Why? Even Du Chunfeng couldn't understand why Tianmen did this? And he didn't understand why Tianmen had the ability to do that? Slowly, Du Chunfeng's buttocks have been sitting straight on the sofa, the whole person thought for a long time, a long time. Still kneeling on the ground, Xue Jiansheng said, "Master, we must avenge our dead brothers. They, they.." As he spoke,Magnesium Sulphate producer, Xue Jiansheng was already choking. It can't go on like this, it can't go on like this! Du Chunfeng suddenly said. A pair of shining eyes seemed to think of something. Obviously, Du Chunfeng saw something from several strange actions between the Lian family and Tianmen. He came to the conclusion that Tianmen and the Lian family had formed an alliance.

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