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Tianxin is angry
Amitabha, the words of King Shura Ming. It is my words that there is no suffering in the present Buddha, and the Buddha Dharma emphasizes reason rather than gravity. Sin! Sin. I was negligent for a moment, but I couldn't stop it. As a result, you and other Buddhas were damaged. It's my fault. My Buddha is merciful. Amitabha! Great freedom lies in the combination of the king of the Ming Dynasty. King Ming.. Stamp your feet without pain. No suffering. Let go, miss today, and there are many opportunities to fight with them. "Yes, Ming Wang," Wu Ku Fu Nai. Hesh, back up. The dispute between the Dark Spirit and the Western Buddhist Realm, and the open divine consciousness of the Heavenly Mind; without suffering, the present Buddha had a dialogue with the Great Free Ming King and the Golden Shura Ming King, and he also heard it clearly. Dark spirit of death, this mess is really not spread in general big! Let the boss like me have to use some means to deter these Buddhist masters, in case they are crazy. Because a little ferocious mind suppresses the Buddha-nature, it kills indiscriminately. It is expected that the Buddhist world in the Western Heaven will kill the faeries. Relatively speaking, in the Eastern Immortal Realm, all the immortals are still concerned about Tianxin, the master of the three immortals. The power of the dark spirit is divine, but it is different from that of the immortals. The immortals do not care how its true spirit plunder is spent. The most important thing is to see the reverence for the eldest brother in his words, which shows the power of the master. Therefore, Tianxin's every move is under the close observation of all the immortals, especially the two wise immortals. "Long," a clear drink suddenly came from the clear sky, attracting the minds of the people in the two realms of immortals and Buddhas. Without suffering,Magnesium Sulphate price, the Buddha brought back the intention of the two Ming kings who refused to cooperate. Today, all the Buddhas were extremely disappointed. They stared at the dark spirit who had been restored to a quiet state, and their hearts were really unconvinced. How could this little thing be more powerful than them? Just as the evil thoughts in their hearts were spreading again and again, there was an exclamation in the sky, and the young man, who was fighting alone in the western world, the southern blood demon world, and the northern heaven demon world, flew up,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, with his palms congealing his handprints. The power of the fairy and the power of the light, like the Yangtze River, poured into the lotus instrument. Then, he saw that the lotus instrument grew at a rapid speed. Watching the battle, the people in the two realms had no time to react, and they were hit and flew to the sky of Daxi Xiang, thousands of miles away. The two heavenly kings of the Eastern Immortal Realm turned pale, and all the immortals touched their chests and panted. Just now, the unrivaled force hit them, and they were thrown out at once, just like a wind dragon. Their strength was gentle, but they were so tough that they could not resist. The two heavenly kings and all the immortals used their own strength to immobilize themselves, but it was useless. Where to go or where to go. The two Ming kings of the Buddhist world in the Western Heaven were sweating like oars, and they were very glad. There is no need to wait for all the Buddhas to look at each other in horror. What kind of power is this? Knocked them thousands of miles away in an instant, but it didn't hurt them. The feelings of the Buddhas are different from those of the immortals. What they feel is that they are bound by something. Let them use their magic power to create a golden body, but they just can't move. It seems that it is really easy for the other side to destroy them. Do you still want to ask for World War I? The voice of Jin Xiuluo Mingwang came. Amitabha, remember, remember, Magnesium Oxide powder ,calcium nitrate sol, my Buddha emphasizes the principles of Buddhism, not the power of Dharma. "The name of the Great Free Ming King follows closely." Yes, we sincerely follow the teachings of the king of the Ming Dynasty and repent, Amitabha. "What are all the Buddhas together today, but the Buddha's heart is very strange.". In the next special shape, the people in the two realms are even more stupefied. In the sky high above the Great West, they could only see Mang Mang Guangsheng Nine-leaf Lotus crossing the land of North America for thousands of miles, sprinkling like clouds and oil, rising like fog, as deep as the sea, as bright as the sun, and as powerful as anything else. Above the sea of light, the western God angel and the four dragon starship were suddenly jumped to the red and white dagger, the white dagger will fly to the side of the four dragon starship peach, the red dagger is a flash of broken angel battle array, a burst of red light, angel battle array screams, blood, feather flying, this is not strange, strange is that the red dagger flew out and after the white But the angels in the angel battle array disappeared one by one. Finally, the red and white 27 flew away, and the four dragon starships flew away. In that sky, except for the occasional angel's feathers, the sky was blue and white clouds, and the sky was clear. Hey hey, we are still smart, and that day the heart of the group's maritime entertainment empire formed a period of fire. Amitabha. No dust, no dirt, no suffering, and no blood. The four Buddhas looked at each other with a wry smile, brushed their sleeves and wiped the sweat from their foreheads. They were glad that they had done things properly in the past. Not to mention the power of the fairy, now the master is even more terrible. Extreme angels, whose strength is only stronger than theirs, have no defense under the Red Seven. Three times and two times, the wings behind them are cut off. If the other side is not really carrying out the three systems, these angels are really not enough to kill. Now the Buddhas have attached great importance to the three systems of the maritime entertainment empire, and are grateful to the two Ming kings who forbade them to take the employees of the Tianxin Group in the South Asian subcontinent. The reason why the angels in the western divine world are like this today is that they hurt other people's servants and are captured by others. My Buddha, under the system of everyone's judges, these angels who were extremely violent for a time will splash blood on the hands of living beings. It's too miserable, too miserable. The present Buddhas recited the mantra of death for the first brothers who died at the hands of the dark spirits, saying, "You are lucky, lucky, lucky, because you died at the hands of the masters of the faeries. Those angels are sad, because they were captured alive and were engraved with charges and put on the scaffold.". Ha, ha, brother Buddha, you are lucky, lucky. Let's go! Amitabha! The sound of Zen singing made all the immortals in the Eastern Immortal Realm laugh. Ping Heavenly King and Sheng Heavenly King naturally thought of Jupiter's void and shook their heads with shame. Bozhi Shuangxian, besides Guaner, is more fascinated by the maritime entertainment empire. Brother Zhong, let's go to Ryukyu! Episode 1 Star Ferry Chapter 146 Millennium Prescription Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:12:35 Words in this chapter: 8590 (I) "Lingzi,Magnesium Oxide MgO, don't you watch the fight below?" Guan Zhongzi laughed. There is nothing to see, in a sea of light, I am afraid that the southern blood demon world and the northern sky demon world have turned into strange powder. It's better to go to Ryukyu early to see the restoration and construction there. Feng Lingzi shook his head. Just as well The two immortals of Bozhi flew up and said goodbye to all the immortals. The light of the sword flashed away.

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