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Stump Order-Chan Ching-wan _ txt Novel Paradise
Yang Zhizong took two quick steps. With a long bow, he said, "Yang Zhizong, the younger generation, has come to see the elder generation. He has received the elder generation's help by the side of the Evil Dragon Pool, so that the younger generation will not be buried in the crypt. I would like to thank him face to face." "Eh!"! Waer, it's you, ha ha! Surviving a disaster will be blessed! Zhao Lizhen, the black phoenix, stood up as she was told. Her eyes turned red and she said coquettishly, "Master, he.." He bullied me! The masked man in the red scarf said slowly, "Jane, as a teacher, you have your own ideas. But men and women love each other. It's better that both sides are congenial to each other. You can't force it. You're a wise man. You should be able to figure out the truth!" Yang Zhizong said to himself, "It's reasonable for a man with a red scarf and a mask to speak." The black phoenix seemed to have suffered an infinite grievance, and her shoulders twitched to cover her face, and she turned around and cried out sadly! She did not know that love can not be forced, but love can not be independent ah! The masked man in the red scarf sighed softly. The scene was very awkward. Moments later, the masked man in the red scarf suddenly said, "Waer, is your name Yang Zhizong?" "Yes,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the younger generation is called Yang Zhizong!" "What is your teacher?" "The younger generation is not in a position to tell you at the moment. Please forgive me." "Well!" The masked man in the red scarf gave a hum and thought, "It's strange that this boy's martial arts moves can't be seen with his own experience in Jianghu. And a month ago, his martial arts were mediocre. Why did he suddenly become a different person?" From the two small holes of the masked red scarf, two electric rays of divine light were forced to shoot, just like two cold stars in the dark night, staring at Yang Zhizong in a moment. Yang Zhizong can not help but see some twist up! "Waer, have you had any other adventures since you took the'Niu Long Jiao Nei Dan 'by the bank of the Evil Dragon Pool? But if you think you have other secrets, you don't have to answer me!" "Yes,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe," said Yang Zhizong without hesitation, "the younger generation has also won the '!" Of the Tianpeng Colored Eggs. "Waer, you are blessed by a strange fate. May you take care of yourself!" "Thank you, senior!" The Black Phoenix could not help wiping away her tears when she heard the two sides answering each other. She turned her face and thought, "Master and he seem to be very familiar with each other." Red scarf and people, the eyes from Yang Zhizong's body, moved to the dark sky, a long time speechless, I do not know what he was thinking? Between the Black Phoenix and Yang Zhizong, has become a deadlock, who will not open their mouths. In the silence, there was a slightly desolate atmosphere. After a long time, the masked man in the red scarf slowly withdrew his eyes and said to the black phoenix, "Jane, have you met the'stump Lord '?"! “ "The disciple had already faced him. He was a white-haired and white-bearded man, but because of his limited skill, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, the disciple had lost him!" "Well!" Yang Zhizong could not help but feel a surge in his heart. Master, do you think this'stump order 'is really Yang Zhenhuan, the warm-hearted leader of the'Ganlu Gang'? "At present, it is impossible to determine. According to the rumors in Jianghu, Yang Zhenhuan himself was indeed killed 20 years ago when the master of the Black and White Way disintegrated the Ganlu Gang!" "But on the night of my father's murder, the disciple heard with his own ears that the'Stump Order 'claimed to be the leader of the'Ganlu Gang.' Is this one of them.." "The ghosts of Jianghu run amuck. It's impossible to tell until the truth is found out!" In Yang Zhizong's heart, the fire of hatred was ignited again, and the blood feud of his division surged into his heart again, but his indifferent face was still expressionless. "Master," said the Black Phoenix, "no matter who the'Order of the Broken Limb 'is, I don't care whether Jane lives or dies. I must break the devil's bones and raise the ashes to comfort my father's soul in heaven." "Jane, parents' revenge, implacable, revenge for their children's sword, is a matter of course, but you are no match for the" stump order "!" "But a disciple would rather die than die!" ” Yang Zhizong was beside him and shivered. "Jane, the most important thing now is to find what you have lost!" "I wonder if the brothers have detected the whereabouts of the White-faced Zombie Monster?" "No return yet!" As soon as Yang Zhizong thought about it, he turned to the red-scarred masked man and said, "Senior, the younger generation still has something to do. I want to go!" Before the masked man in the red scarf opened his mouth, the black phoenix suddenly said, "Master, you said you would make decisions for me!" "Jane, why are you so stubborn?" "But the innocent daughter of the disciple has been." "Ha ha!"! Jane, he didn't insult you! With tears in her eyes, the black phoenix bead choked with sobs and said, "Master, how can the body of your daughter's family be touched casually?" "Silly boy, how can Jianghu people stick to these trifles? He means well!" "Good intentions?"? I think he is deliberately frivolous! Yang Zhizong was so angry that he looked at her and her disciples. The masked man in the red scarf suddenly said in a deep voice, "Jane, why are you so disobedient and silent? Someone is coming!" Yang Zhizong listened attentively, and sure enough, not far away, there was a very slight sound of breaking the air, if not for the red scarf masked man, he really did not notice it! Can not help but to the red scarf masked man's skill, secretly convinced unceasingly. In the twinkling of an eye after the words of the masked man in the red scarf fell, four figures had been shot down by lightning on the spot, and the dust was not alarmed. It seemed that they all had extremely high skills. After the four figures fell to the ground, they raised their eyes and swept at the three men. Suddenly, they all gave a cry of surprise. They stepped back and looked at the masked man in the red scarf in horror, trembling unceasingly. The visitors were four Weileng old men in their fifties. One of the taller ones gave a dry cough, folded his fists and said, "I don't know how offensive it is that the'Lord of the Seagulls' is here." "What do you do?" The masked man snorted coldly. The tone was so aggressive that Yang Zhizong couldn't help thinking, "It seems that this masked man with a red scarf is quite famous in Jianghu. It makes people so afraid!" The tall old man who had spoken said humbly, "The four of you are disciples of the'Yin Demon Sect ', and you have been ordered to trace the whereabouts of the'Stump Lord'." Yang Zhizong was shocked. He had never heard of the "Yin Demon Sect" in Jianghu. A glimpse of the whole leopard, in terms of the identity of four people,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, is only a disciple of what "Xing Si Dian", unexpectedly has this high skill, it seems that this "Yin Demon Leader" must be an insufferably arrogant devil.

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