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I am engaged in logistics in Starcraft.
Gu Yaoguang turned his head and looked at the dirty yard. The ground was covered with Xixi's white hair and toys torn into pieces. The big white dog had not bathed for a long time. It had become a big greyhound. Its fur was gray and sticky. Because he was not accompanied by his master, he was now listlessly crawling in a veritable doghouse. You don't need to look at the front yard shop to know that it must be a mess. In the bathroom of the inner courtyard, there were a lot of dirty clothes, socks and bedding for two people. In the end, Gu Yaoguang could only compromise: "Then you stay at home during the day and don't open the door easily.". If you find something wrong, contact me immediately, or open a live broadcast on Starnet, and I will always pay attention to it. Let's go to deliver the goods together in the evening. Wen Shaoxin breathed a sigh of relief, nodded with a smile, took Gu Yaoguang's hand, and put what he had just been holding in his hand into the palm of his hand. A dark blue crystal the size of a grain of rice, like a sapphire. This is a shield made by Dad for you to play with. He pointed to his light brain, which had a dark red crystal on it. "It's like a pair of mine. As long as you inject mental power, it will light up." With these words, he demonstrated and injected a trace of mental strength into the dark red crystal, which suddenly lit up, red and pure in color, clear and exquisite, very beautiful. It can shield any signal detection, and it can also locate each other, as long as the mental power is injected into it. Although Gu Yaoguang knew that Wen Shaoxin had managed to deceive the kidnappers and secretly opened the interstellar live broadcast, he did not know how he did it,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, nor did he ask. Wen's father took his son to the slum and lived next door to Gu's family. He remembered everything since they came here. The things that Wen's father made for his son were not only exquisite, but also had strange and strange functions, such as the dead time of the space button, the preservation of the lunch box, and the heat preservation of the medicinal tea cup. He had never seen them anywhere else, but the father and son did not say anything, so he thought he did not know. Unexpectedly, it was this crystal as big as a grain of rice that shielded the kidnappers from detection. The crystal was attached to the brain of Wen Shaoxin Deguang. When it was not injected with mental strength, it was dim and inconspicuous. He always thought it was a small ornament. Now,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, Wen Shaoxin gave him such a delicate and rare thing. Gu Yaoguang did not hesitate, immediately firmly refused, "this thing looks very valuable, you keep it for standby." "Huh?" Wen Shaoxin was stupefied for a moment, as if he had not thought of it. He blinked his eyes and said doubtfully, "This is not expensive. I have a big box." Said, he looked from the space button, and soon found a cartoon bear-shaped box, took it out and put it on the table next to it, opened it, and it was covered with colorful crystals, like colorful crystal rice. Gu Yaoguang: ".." "Crash," Wen Shaoxin grabbed a handful, looked at it, and threw it back. "I still think the dark blue one is the most beautiful. It matches my red one very well. It's just right for you." Gu Yaoguang was surprised, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, do not know what expression is good, had to say: "." Oh After taking the blue crystal and thinking about how to fix it to the light brain, Wen Shaoxin handed him the glue prepared in advance. "Don't use super glue, just use this. The adhesion is small and the adhesion is not firm. It's also convenient to change other colors in the future." Gu Yaoguang: ".." There is always a feeling that the bamboo horse is prodigal. Is it swollen? After Gu Yaoguang left, Wen Shaoxin threw dirty clothes, sheets, quilt covers, pillow towels and so on into the automatic washing machine, and then turned on the household robot. This robot is expensive and not very practical. When it encounters an obstacle, it blocks it and does not move. It is only suitable for cleaning rooms without obstacles. Xixi was very happy today. She wagged her big tail jubilantly and jumped flexibly around Wen Shaoxin. When Wen Shaoxin cast his eyes on her, she lay down smartly, showing her soft abdomen, and let Wen Shaoxiin give her hair. Wen Shaoxin rubbed its soft belly hair, gently pinched its pointed ears, and said with a smile, "Little clever ghost." Xixi did not know whether he understood or not, and happily rolled on the ground, chasing his hands and playing with them. Wen Shaoxin laughed and played with him for a while, then went to pick up the household robot parked at the leg of the chair. The little robot was not blocked by obstacles, and immediately began to "buzz" in his hands. Wen Shaoxin put it on the ground, left it alone, put the dried clothes and bedding in the cabinet, and put Yao Guang's things in the guest room where he slept. In fact, the house is not dirty, but messy. He put the remote control, snack bags, toys and other sundries in place, the tables and chairs were set up, and the room was immediately clean and tidy. In the yard, Xixi's torn toys and lost dog hair were put away and put in the trash can. He wanted to throw away the dirty kennel, but Xixi thought he was playing with it. As soon as he picked it up and threw it into the air, Xixi jumped up with a "woof ~", holding the kennel flying to the trash can, wagging his tail, and sending it back to him, indicating that he would continue to play. Wen Shaoxin looked at the big dog's bright eyes, touched its head, and got "Ha!"! Ha, ha! Lick a few kisses. Come on, I'll give you a bath. Look how dirty you are. Unmoved by the dog's kiss, Wen Shaoxin pulled Xixi's collar in disgust and dragged it to the bathroom. Covered animals do not like to bathe by nature. Wen Shaoxin and Xixi fought for nearly an hour and a half to solve the hygiene problem of big dogs. At noon, Wen Shaoxin ate the lunch box made by Gu Yaoguang, and Xixi was still Wen's father's lunch box. One man and one dog, they all eat very well. After dinner, I took a nap, and it was already three o'clock. Wen Shaoxin began to tidy up the warehouse, which was relatively small, and all the toys he picked up were left over. At first, there were toys bought outside the warehouse. Later, my father saw that he didn't like them,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, so he didn't buy them again. Now they are all hand-made by Wen's father. They piled the same toys together and packed them up in a short time. There is still a small shop in the front yard, and today's housework is all done, so happy.

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