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Zhen Tian Di Dao
Through a deduction in the West, now look at the 117 ancient battlefields, the emperor's heart is even more shocked, at this time, he has been able to affirm that the appearance of the 117 ancient battlefields is not a coincidence, their location is not a coincidence! Dijing looked at the topographic map and pondered with a solemn expression until Su Rang came. Emperor of Heaven, news has come from the north that the demon clan has already made some moves, and the target should be the generals. Said Sue Rang. Oh? Is there any news from the generals? Teikyo asked. The generals and ministers were not on the land of the Great Wilderness, but nine days away, close to the sky, and outsiders could not get close to it. However, there was still some news from the left. Su Rang said, "According to the left, after the general entered the general clan, he entered the forbidden place in the clan for baptism. The general Kun got the news and wanted to stop it, but it was too late. Now the general Kun has been sending people to keep an eye on the forbidden place of the general clan, and has secretly begun to eliminate those clans who oppose him." "Did he say how long it would take?" Dijing raised his eyebrows and asked. Jiang Zuo said that Jiang Chen has a special constitution. It only takes three months to complete the transformation thoroughly. When the time comes, he will definitely be able to be promoted to the level of quasi-ancestor. It is not a problem to deal with Jiang Kun. Said Sue Jean. Deal with Jiang Kun? I'm afraid Jiang Kun and Lu Yin won't give them so much time. Dijing shook his head slightly and said. Yes, it will take at least more than a month to get out of the forbidden place, and this more than a month is enough to do a lot of things, and at that time the master of the demon clan has arrived, it is not easy for the minister to deal with it. Sue said with a nod. Demon clan? I still need to go there after seeing it. Teikyo finally said. Although the imperial capital said so, but did not mean to leave, and at the same time, the imperial capital of the black lotus Fen Shen is heading for the family of generals and ministers. The place of the clan of generals and ministers is nine days away, near the place of Tianwaitian. In fact, it is already the place of Tianwaitian. There is chaos around it, which is the outermost part of Tianwaitian. Tianwaitian is a special place. Only a sage can open a Taoist temple in Tianwaitian. The family of generals and ministers can live here for a long time because of the shade of the ancient sage Nu Wa. In ancient times, the family of generals and ministers was attached to Nu Wa Empress. At that time, the generals and ministers were also the bodyguards of Nu Wa Empress. Later, although Nu Wa Goddess fell,mirror stainless steel sheet, the family of generals and ministers got a vast space close to Tianwaitian, which was the world opened up by Nu Wa Goddess. This small world has been used by the family to this day and has become the foundation of the family. At this time, the general and minister clan, the atmosphere is very tense, has been divided into two factions, one is headed by the general and minister clan patriarch will Kun, to lead the general out of this side of heaven and earth, and the demon clan, the other is temporarily headed by the left, to support the left and other people to bring back the general. Each of the two factions has many supporters, on the one hand, because the general family has the rules handed down from ancient times, everything is subject to the arrangement of the general, so after knowing that there is a new general, many general people have come out to support the general, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, many of them are masters who used to support the general. On the other hand is will Kun notice will minister family for many years, cultivate a group of diehard elements, is also a few powerful forces, plus have will Kun this quasi-grandfather-level master, its power is still to overwhelm the left and others. In a hall, the left, the middle and the right are all sitting in the hall, in addition to several other masters of the general family, these are the main force to support the general, but now everyone is frowning and looking heavy. Demon clan masters, under the leadership of land pressure, are coming towards my generals and ministers. General Kun can't help but start. I don't know if we can hold out until the new generals and ministers come out of the forbidden place. One of them said. Jiang Kun was so bold and reckless that he ignored the teachings of Nu Wa Empress and wanted to cooperate with Lu Ya. He even violated the ancestral teachings and wanted to deal with his own people. I think he's crazy! Said the general bitterly. "Yes, as long as my clan is in this side of heaven and earth, Lu Yidao can't get it even if he comes. My clan has enough self-protection ability. He will directly ask my clan to attach to the demon clan. It's really spineless!" "Another said, his words full of condemnation." Fortunately, he did not dare to come brazenly, nor did he dare to do too much, so that we still have room for manoeuvre, as long as the new generals appear, when the time comes, it will be enough to suppress Kun, and even be able to make the land pressure recede. Open your mouth to the right and say. They listened and nodded, these are the masters of the family of generals, high-level, know some secrets of the family of generals, this is a special world, the ancient sage Nu Wa empress personally opened up, and experienced generation of generals transformation, so that generals in this world can mobilize the power of the whole world, suppress everything. This is also the reason why many experts still support the minister in this situation. As long as the new minister appears and suppresses the general Kun, he will be able to get the support of the whole minister clan. After all, the patriarch of the general Kun is only temporary and not compliant. The minister appears, and he will not dare to challenge brazenly. This more than a month is very critical, you all have to play the spirit of twelve points, try to gather together, do not give the general Kun the opportunity to start in the dark, but also pay more attention to the situation in the forbidden place, where although only the general minister can enter, but it is difficult to guarantee that the general Kun will use any special means to the new general minister. Will finally open his mouth and say. Now that we have become thorns in the eyes of Jiang Kun, we must be careful. The crowd nodded. And in another place, a group of masters in the direction of the day outside the day, the first one, it is Lu pressure Taoist, these people are the masters of the demon clan, not too many, but they are all masters, especially with Lu pressure Taoist this ancestral master, enough to frighten countless creatures in heaven and earth. Lu's expression is not good-looking, the last war with the imperial capital let him suffer a great blow, reputation,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, although there is too much shock, but he eventually fled, which makes his prestige in the demon clan greatly weakened.

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