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After Ascension _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise
Over the nine heavens, dark clouds rolled in from all directions, covering the sky. In the clouds, tens of thousands of purple electricity, thick in water tanks, burst out from the clouds in all directions at the moment when the 14th Lord God hit the throne of God. In the depths of the dark clouds, a huge whirlpool-like shadow formed by lightning hovered in the green dark, and a huge oppressive breath came from the depths of the whirlpool, as if there was another distant place connected there-that was the "Kingdom of God"! At this moment, both the gods of light and the gods of darkness were attracted by the impact of the 14th Lord God. Crash! ~” Under the dark abyss, a huge figure with infinite majesty stepped out from the abyss with countless'splashes', and Silo finally made a move. "Boom!"! ——” Just as the breath of the 14th Lord God increased geometrically and infinitely, a white light full of destructive power came out of the depths of the universe, crossed layers of space in an instant, and fell over the 14th Lord God, and quickly fell to the 14th Lord. Boom! "Boom!" It was followed by several destructive white lights coming out of the Ocean of Light and the Dark Abyss respectively, and bombarding the 14th Lord God. Above the void, 23 pairs of huge golden eyes opened at the same time, staring coldly at the 14th Lord below. The covenant between the gods of light and darkness and the 14th Lord God was torn to pieces at the moment of its impact on the throne of God. ………… Far away in ancient times. Mowgli! "Fazu's hurried voice resounded over Xuanyuan Hill:" Now! " Without the slightest hesitation, Fengyun Mowgli immediately released his consciousness,cordierite c520, and several gods on his forehead emerged at the same time, and the majestic divine power penetrated into several gods at the same time. Hum All the godhood shines brightly, and the three laws of the rule world, killing, redemption and time emerge at the same time, running through Fengyun Mowgli's body in an instant. Boom! ——” There was a sharp shock in Fengyun Mowgli's mind, and then his consciousness seemed to enter another world. In the world of darkness, there are several laws that run through the void,ceramic bobbin heater core, which see the source before and the end after, and can never be exhausted. And the consciousness of Fengyun Mowgli is divided into several parts in an instant, attached to these laws, and extended infinitely towards both ends of the laws-this is a very wonderful feeling, as if it is integrated with the laws. Thunderbolt! ——” When Fengyun Mowgli's consciousness is integrated into the three aspects of "killing", "time" and "redemption", dark clouds converge over Xuanyuan Hill in the North Sea, endless lightning bursts out, and a huge shadow vortex also appears behind the dark clouds, which is the "country" of the Lord of Redemption! On the earth, one looks up at the sky, looks at the dark clouds and the flash of lightning, feels the breath of the crazy growth of Fengyun Mowgli, and their hearts are not calm: "This is the last chance to succeed!" "There is no turning back. If you don't succeed, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,alumina c799, you will die." "Four Supreme, if there is a spirit in heaven, please bless us." ………… The consciousness of Fengyun Mowgli is attached to the infinite expansion of the three laws of "killing", "redemption" and "time" in the world of another law.. "Hum!"! ——” Separated by more than half of the universe, Fengyun Mowgli and the 14th Lord God's forehead'time godhood 'shook violently, and above the twenty-six laws, a vast torrent of laws suddenly fell, running through Fengyun Mowgli and the 14th Lord God at the same time. The bodies of the two men trembled at the same time, and Huo opened his eyes. In the face of time, space has lost its meaning. Two people feel each other's existence through the long river of time, two pairs of eyes look at each other in the torrent of time. In that pair of once extremely hateful eyes, Fengyun Mowgli can not feel any emotional fluctuations. The 14th Lord God just looked at him indifferently. He had completely forgotten him, forgotten everything in the past, and forgotten the anger of heaven and earth. It no longer remembers, it has fought with this human, it has been defeated several times by the hands of the man in front of it, and even almost died several times-all of which it has forgotten! Looking at this pair of calm eyes, I do not know why, Fengyun Mowgli suddenly felt that the'14th Lord God 'in front of him was actually a pitiful existence, what it wanted, in fact, has always been to return to the glory and position of the past. Now all he wanted was to return to the throne of God and live through everything-the 14th Lord God, who had been resentful, was already dead when Chiyou exploded himself! Now this, although has its body, actually already was another new existence! The law of time is shaking and roaring. There is only one perfect time godhead in the universe. There must be a winner or loser between them! But at this moment, both of them lost the impulse to make a move. The 14th Lord God took an indifferent look at Fengyun Mowgli, then withdrew his eyes, it raised its head, looking at the sky, the four directions of twenty-four destructive white light, toward the blast! "唳 ! ——” In the dark and cold void, the 14th Lord God let out an unyielding roar, which was exhausted halfway, and twenty vast white lights instantly obliterated the 14th Lord God. Wind and cloud Mowgli more across the long river of time, quietly watching the 14th main God in the vast white light one by one decomposition-although it was once the king of the gods, but has long fallen, lost the glory of the main God, no matter how powerful, is not the light and dark gods hand in hand! The dark void was destroyed again and again under the attack of the twenty-four main gods, and in the vast power of destruction, the two gods of'killing 'and'time' were not damaged at all. In the void. Boom! ——” The ocean of light and the abyss of darkness are boiling at the same time, and a huge light and shadow will step out of the air and seize the "time godhood". Void, that "time godhood" suddenly moved, like lightning into the depths of the sky,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, a huge light and shadow containing the breath of destruction of heaven and earth-the chairman of the conspiracy Erluo. The restless ocean of light and the abyss of darkness calm down at the same time. When one of the main gods gets the'time godhood 'one step ahead of time, it is meaningless for other main gods to rob it again. The best result is that both sides lose, and they may not be able to rob it. Hum! ~”。

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