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Lost in Kunlun Ruins _ World Overlord Singing
"We are not aliens, but we do not belong to your world," m said. Our hometown is also called the earth, and the language and even the race are exactly the same as yours. A thousand years ago, our Earth's technology and civilization were at their peak. An unexplained disaster destroyed our world, and a small number of people escaped in spaceships. We explored a place in space called the Fruit of the World, where it was said that there was a God who created the universe, and we wanted to go there to find the answer: Why did he destroy our world? But at the moment when we were about to reach our destination, we fell to the present earth, which I can't understand. We ran out of fuel, couldn't start the ship again, and it wasn't long before my master died. Not long ago, I detected a signal, which was emitted from the area where you live. The source of the signal should be our companions. So I tried my best to lure the residents of your area to come here. As soon as they entered the hospital, I had done a brain wave scan, and finally found that you two had seen our companions. I want to ask you to take me there. Although I was confused, when I saw that its owner had only three fingers, I vaguely felt that it had something to do with the three-fingered claw in the fairyland in the bottle, and since the other party had asked me for help, I was no longer nervous. I said to m, "that's easy,Alumina Ceramic C795, but what about our million?"? There is no Lei Feng on our earth long ago. The dish is empty to m seem very interested, also insert ask: "What are those black mist?"? Why can't you leave the white fog? "I'm sorry, I don't have any money, but I still have a lot of hostages, including your companions," m said. Those black fogs are made up of countless tiny nanites. These robots are our only weapons. We need them to defend ourselves. They can't move in ordinary air. Only the density of clouds can support the floating of nanites. They can get into people's bodies. If you don't agree, I will burn the brains of the hostages. The reason why I didn't attack you two is that I hope this matter can be settled peacefully. Killing you is not good for me. At this point, we had no choice but to agree to m's request,Ceramic Bobbin, but in exchange, it must first release all the people we know, and the rest of the hostages it deceived were temporarily left behind. And we take m to wonderland in a bottle to find his companions, and when he finds them, he disarms the nanobots in the bodies of the rest of the hostages. The foreigner, the pony, Zhou Shanshan and Yang Dan all woke up. Yang Dan's first consciousness was to look at the wound on his stomach, which had healed completely, leaving only a striking scar, confirming a life-and-death struggle that evening. As soon as the foreigner woke up, he stared and asked, "What's the matter?"? What's the matter, man? I said, "What? How?"? Squat and pull. You can stand and pull one if you have the ability. Yang Dan talked about yuan Xuan, we do not know what to do, steatite c221 ,Ceramic Band Heater, if it is possessed by the dead, let the disc empty monk to exorcise ghosts on the line, if other circumstances, there is no way. I didn't tell the four of them what had happened, because I didn't quite understand it. Anyway, as long as the dish was empty and m was taken to his companion, the two sides would go their separate ways. Where they went and what "God" they were looking for had nothing to do with me. At this time, the rain had stopped for several days, so we made an appointment with the foreigner to go to the forest park in the evening. After sending the foreigner, Xiaoma, Zhou Shanshan, Yang Dan and others home, Dish Kong and I went back to my room, closed the door and took out the fairy bottle. After the guidance of elder Shi Ming, we knew the way to enter the fairyland. We threw m into the clouds at the foot of Ding Chuan's mountain, and then went back to chat with Ding Chuan. When Ding Chuan heard that there was a dog eating the moon outside tonight, he insisted on going with us to see it, but when he saw his wife Blue Lady's face sinking, he dared not go out. We couldn't stay for a long time, so we said goodbye to their husband and wife and went back to rest by ourselves. In the evening, I had a meal with Dish Kong, a foreigner and a pony. I packed up and prepared to go to the Forest Park for a night. I asked Zhou Shanshan if they would go. They said they were not in a good mood because of yuan Xuan. They didn't want to go out at night. They packed up their things and moved out tomorrow. www。 Xiaoshuotxt. C o mt, X \ t, small, say heaven, don. Fourth, underground caves. Clouds are buried on the top of the tower in the middle of the night, and the cold moon hangs on the wall in the middle of the night. It's rare to have such a cool night in summer. Although we didn't get the million yuan, the weather was hot and humid some time ago. It was rare to come out to play on such a moonlit and breezy night. In fact, the total lunar eclipse is nothing to see, everyone is looking for a chance to be lively. The forest park is crowded with tourists, and we don't want to be crowded with them in crowded places. Xiaoma said he knew a place. In the north of the Forest Park, there was an old building. It used to be the office of the Landscaping Administration. Now there is no one inside. How nice it is for us to go to the roof to play. The foreigner agrees above all: "This idea is good, do not heckle with masses here, we look for a quiet place, drink wine to admire the moon." Everybody arrived at that small building, all a little regret, too person! This is simply a model house of a ghost building, the walls are covered with Parthenocissus tricuspidata, the doors and windows are all broken, and the surroundings are dark, which makes people feel cold at the back of their necks. But no one is willing to show weakness, and they all want to be big. Four people went into the building together. There were no lights inside for a long time, so they could only use flashlights to illuminate. After entering, did not go out a few steps, suddenly heard behind the "bang", the door was closed. Everyone was taken aback. There was someone else in the room. He quickly shone a flashlight and saw a girl in a red baseball cap squatting in the corner. She was looking at us with a strange smile on her face. She is none other than yuan Xuan! We heard Yang Dan talk about her in detail. She seems to be possessed by the evil spirit of the killer now, but she never expected to meet here. Things came out of the blue and she was not prepared at all. Smiling,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, yuan Xuan took out a sharp knife and walked towards us step by step, saying, "I didn't expect to meet you here. Let's play together!" 。

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