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Marry Dr. Joe.
"Oh yes," mentioned the resettlement area, Zhang Xiaojun was very gossipy: "I remember there was a Chinese girl in the resettlement area that day! Fine skin and tender meat can be beautiful! The one who has a sweet pear vortex when he smiles laughed when he saw you a while ago. “…… That's someone else's wife. "Ah." Big boy is very regretful: "How good-looking is other home … …" ***, what's going on?! A sudden brake, fortunately, both of them were wearing seat belts. In the dark sky, a lot of people suddenly stood on the road with few people. Had it not been for Zhang Xiaojun's quick reaction, several people in the middle of the road would have almost hit each other. Why are there so many people? Zhang Xiaojun just wanted to push the car door, but Shen Bin next to him was keenly aware that something was wrong: "Wait!" Move a meal. Those standing outside look like refugees, but they don't. Although the same mess, but the eyes are not the same. Sharp, ambitious, and greedy, they all stared at the car. No, it doesn't feel right. Hurry up! Back up! After Shen Bin's shout,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Zhang Xiaojun slipped into reverse gear. But as soon as the car started, the windshield was suddenly hit hard. After a loud noise, a huge spider web appeared, and the people around him began to climb to the car with a coax. Lock the door, lock the door! When the door was locked, the group of people shook frantically and saw that they could not open it,10g Ozone Generator, and began to hit the window one by one. What about the boss? Rush out? Zhang Xiaojun wants to step on the accelerator: "These people are crazy!" "We have a sign on the car!" Shen Bin rushed to honk the horn, but the warning sound did not play any role. After another blow, the glass shards flew everywhere. Zhang Xiaojun shouted: "They don't care who we are!"! Boss, if we don't drive, we'll be here! Chapter 64 sacrifice. The windshield was broken, and when the whole piece came down, Shen Bin directly blocked Zhang Xiaojun. The glass hit the back and pulled out countless deep and shallow marks. The eldest brother The young man who was being protected had red eyes and saw someone throw a stick into the car. He didn't want to pull out his things and aim them at the sky: "Who the *** will try to get closer?" Shen Bin hissed: "Zhang Xiaojun!" Not refugees, these people are not refugees at all, but the wave of violence that was sent to North Vietnam. Min ! Can't sing. Guns You can't do this first at this moment! Put on this clothes and stand in the territory of other countries, and die without orders, ceramic bobbin element ,ceramic igniter electrodes, because they represent the whole country behind them. Home ! "You go over there!" While the surroundings are threatened. At the moment of awe, Shen Bin did not want to lift the man to the co-pilot. After starting, slam the steering wheel. The SUV roared several times in the same place, and several people who climbed on the roof of the car were thrown down on the spot. Go The jeep lurched out of the road and disappeared into the countryside. Violent. Since Mohammed mentioned the news of the move. It never broke again. There is a radio in the resettlement area, which receives the latest developments every day. Su Xia now generally recognizes the north and the south. Environment . Many people have poured into the vicinity of the line. The two sides reached a tense deadlock. And this string seems to be stretched to the extreme. The appearance of this wave of people has increased the tension of the situation, and the real suffering refugees can not bear the outside movement. Swing . Keep pouring into the resettlement area. Even though Mohammed reinforced the fence and sent many people to guard the gate, he could not resist the footsteps of the army. Everyone began to feel panic and helplessness, and even more panic that they could no longer catch birds. After two days of overseduction.. Catch The crows seem to be aware of the danger in the area and are no longer circling for rations. When food was in short supply, the hungry people began to climb the few date palms around. Date palm is also a kind of food. Su Xia ate it once when she was in China. It was so sweet that she had a toothache. But this time the dates were not yet ripe, and the green and astringent fruits as big as little fingers were all picked overnight. When things get so hot, no one will laugh except the children. This afternoon, Su Xia's sleep is not very solid. Dream of chaos, constantly someone chasing their own, she wanted to run, but how the feet can not move! In a highly anxious, nervous and helpless mood, he suddenly turned around to fight, only to find all the bodies lying behind him. Body …… There are old people, there are children, and the smell of burning gasoline. "Ah!" She woke up in an instant, sat up and found that her breathing was disordered, her outstretched hand was sweating and trembling slightly. A dream too real. Since the chaos outside, her subconscious is most afraid of these things, did not expect to think about it on the dream. She sat on the bed with her knees in her arms for a long time before she calmed down and felt weak when she got out of bed. Nose is a little clogged, she takes the back of the hand to try forehead, "Eh?"? As though I have a fever. The time pointed to more than four o'clock in the afternoon, and I didn't expect to sleep so long. Su Xia washed her face and combed her messy hair in front of the small mirror. You have to love yourself in this place, and the moment you push the door makes you dizzy. She still braved the sun to go to the clinic to find Qiao Yue, a minor illness can not be delayed. And the clinic seems to be very busy today. Diarrhea? Do you vomit? "What did you eat?" "Oops!"! You can't eat these things! "Have you taken your temperature?" "He fainted because of malnutrition, but now we can't help it. Give him a glucose first." Inside almost people turned upside down, Su Xia stood in the doorway and did not even know where to stay. Qiao Yue was busy in the crowd, his face in a mask looked serious and focused, and the sweat on his forehead rolled down in the sultry environment. Suddenly some can not bear to disturb, Su Xia touched the chin or feel forget it. Wait for the evening to ask him for a bag of wind-heat cold medicine, she should be a hot cold. Huh? Crackle. There was noise outside again,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but when some kind of sound sounded, several people in the shed looked up alertly. Nina: "What's that noise?" Su Xia stood outside without knowing why: "Where are the firecrackers?" The sporadic sound disappeared after a few times, and it was hard to hear clearly from a distance.

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