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A small dining table in Kaifeng
Bai Yutang took back the jade pendant, handed it to Zhao Hanyan, jumped, jumped again, and disappeared on the eaves. Zhanzhao heard the noise, looked up, and then went to Zhao Hanyan, "how did people go?" "I was probably confused by my question, and I guess Jiang Ping might have bad luck." Zhao Hanyan smiled mischievously, put the baked ham and mushrooms on a plate, and handed them to Zhanzhao. Zhan Zhao wanted to ask Zhao Hanyan what the problem was, but when he saw the new taste, he forgot to ask, took it with a smile, and then invited Zhao Hanyan to eat with them quickly. It'll be ready soon. I'll go there later. In the middle of the night, the guests in the room on the second floor of Zhuangyuan Building were awakened by a loud noise. Then they heard a man outside chirping, "It's not me," "You believe in outsiders," "You like the new and hate the old.". The residents protested, craning their necks to look out, but no one was seen, and then they heard a sound of stepping on tiles overhead, after which it was completely quiet. But everyone was so sleepy that it was easy to feel hungry in the middle of the night. For this reason, Zhuangyuanlou also sold a lot of night snacks and made a lot of money. The next day, Zhao Hanyan specially prepared mushroom egg rolls and eel porridge for the little girl as breakfast. After breakfast, Zhao Hanyan took the little girl to catch butterflies in a small garden on the west side of Kaifeng. When she was tired of playing, Zhao Hanyan pulled the little girl to sit down on the stone and asked her what her name was. The little girl could not speak, but her eyes looked at Zhao Hanyan urgently,7g Ozone Generator, and when she remembered something, she got up and pointed to a row of orchids under the wall. Do you have Lan in your name? The little girl nodded. Don't worry, Big Brother will know your name. Zhao Hanyan handed over a snack, "You first think about whether the snack is delicious or not, and then immediately think about the names of you and your family." The little girl nodded, and then came out of her heart: the sweet snacks given by the elder brother are the most delicious. My name is Qian Menglan, my father's name is Qian Shu, my mother is Zheng, my eldest brother is Qian Jiang, and my second brother is Qian He. Smiling, Zhao Hanyan patted the little girl on the head and said, "You're so clever. Since you have Lan in your name, shall I call you Lan in the future?" The little girl nodded hurriedly, a little excited. After Zhao Hanyan gave Laner to Xiuzhu to take care of, ceramic bobbin heater ,ceramic welding tape, he turned and went directly to Bao Zheng. Oh? Did Brother Zhao change his mind? Bao Zheng asked with some surprise. He always liked to bring up talented people. If the Zhao brothers were willing to join them in Kaifeng, he would naturally welcome them. Yes, but I'm a little greedy. I want to have my cake and eat it, and the cook can catch it quickly, can't I? Zhao Hanyan asked. It's not greed. One person can do two things. On the contrary, I took advantage of it. Bao Zheng sighed and simply accepted Zhao Hanyan's request. "There are many affairs under the jurisdiction of Kaifeng Prefecture. It is really difficult for Bao to cover all aspects. I am very relieved that you have assisted Mr. Gongsun, Zhan Guard and others in the investigation of the murder case." "Thank you for your love." Zhao Hanyan thanked him. Bao Zheng asked Zhao Hanyan not to be polite. My Lord, Lord Yan, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Punishment, has arrived. The bearer passed on a message. Zhao Hanyan's eyes moved. The assistant minister of the Ministry of Punishment, surnamed Yan, must be Yan Shu, she would like to meet. Zhanzhao hurried in at this time and reported back, "I just received a report that a naked corpse appeared in Room 3 of the Number One Scholar Building." Chapter 18 the man of Zhuangyuan building. Bao Zheng looked at Zhao Hanyan and Zhan Zhao and said, "I'm still on official business, so I'll bother you two." "Your Excellency is welcome." Zhanzhao and Zhao Hanyan both bowed and retired. Not long after the two of them left the main hall, they saw a man in regular clothes coming towards them. He was about thirty years old, and his bearing was brilliant. Zhanzhao immediately took Zhao Hanyan to make way and saluted and called out "Lord Yan.". So this is Yan Shu. Zhao Hanyan wanted to look at it carefully, but she had no time to look at it. When Zhao Hanyan was in primary school, she was in the middle and second stages ahead of time. She was willing to be sentimental and felt that no one in the world understood her. Yan Shu was her favorite poet in ancient times. At that time, she felt that the hatred and hatred in his poems were especially in line with her emotions at that time, so she liked him very much. Later, Zhao Hanyan checked the information of Yan Shu himself and found that he was a child prodigy when he was young and grew up to be a famous person. Not only were his words powerful, but his other experiences were also very powerful. His sense of worship increased for the second time, so he once regarded him as his idol. Although she grew up later, the word'idol 'was far away from her, but after all, Yan Shu was the person she worshipped, so it was hard to avoid a little excitement when she saw herself. Zhanzhao found Zhao Hanyan strange and smiled sideways and asked her what was wrong. Uh Zhao Hanyan asked in reply without knowing why. Zhan Zhao: "I blush a little." "Maybe I was a little nervous when I just met the adults." Zhao Hanyan rubbed his face with both hands and turned his head to avoid Zhanzhao's gaze. Ancient people don't understand how crazy fans will be when they see Aidou. It's nothing to blush like her. It's good not to take a bite. Besides, she is only in the worship of Yan Shu's'talent ', which is more rational. Come on, we have a case waiting for us. Zhao Hanyan changed the subject. Zhanzhao immediately solemnly promised, and carefully asked if Zhao Hanyan could ride a horse, if not, he could take him for a ride, anyway, men are not taboo what, as soon as possible to the scene of the crime is. "I will," said Zhao Hanyan at once. The volume is a little higher than usual. Zhanzhao, of course, noticed the abnormality and took a look at Zhao Hanyan, expecting that she was still nervous because she went to the scene of the crime as a captor for the first time, so he comforted her not to worry. The usual response is that if you behave like that in the last case, you don't have to push yourself too hard. Zhao Hanyan is reviewing his performance is not stable enough, almost revealing flaws. After hearing Zhanzhao's words,Kamado bbq grill, he nodded with a sigh of relief, and then rode with him, taking Zhao Hu and others to Zhuangyuan Lou.

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