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So Walker thought: "What number can I wear that not a lot of people in the league have it?"

As players head to spring training, let's take a run around the majors to see the biggest spring training story to watch for each team and some key players to keep an eye on.Seattle Mariners face coverings

Any player who suffers the litany of injuries that Bryant did is bound to underperform in any season whether it be 60 games or 162. Bryant posted a career low 77 wRC+ to go along with a strikeout rate of 27 percent and a walk rate of eight percent. Those numbers won’t spell success for anyone.
Sports Team Face Mask

"It's the same mentality," Candelario said. "I got things to prove to myself to keep working really hard to make the team. I don't want to get comfortable. I want to work hard."

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“Yeah, they set some times here, but I just break the rules, to be honest with you,” Laureano said Friday. “I just show up an hour early to be honest, because I don’t get my time. It just takes time away from my routine. Hopefully in the season, it’s good right now, but hopefully in the season, hopefully it’s just normal times that we can show up instead of five hours before the game.”Los Angeles Dodgers face coverings

“Good or bad, the previous year really doesn’t mean anything,” the 29-year-old Yelich said from the Brewers’ spring training site in Phoenix. “You can’t do anything about it. Whether you were the MVP the previous year or you sucked, everybody starts at zero in spring training and the new year. We live in a business where it’s, `What have you done for me lately?’ What I’ve done lately is play terribly, so I’m looking forward to a fresh start and starting a new year.”New York Yankees face coverings

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The Phillies open the season at home on Thursday, April 1 against the Braves at 3:05 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals  face coverings