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The Function Requirements Of Marine Navigation Light
The marine navigation light, also known as a marine signal light, is used to show the state of ship sailing or parking, which can indicate the navigation direction at night and the size of the ships. It is an important basis for ships to adopt avoidance measures and effectively avoid collisions among ships, especially at night or in poor visibility.

1. The navigation light should be waterproof and the lamp holder should have a structure that prevents its own loose. It should adopt a two-filament bulb. The control box should be in the cab and the switch of the control box should have an instruction to explain its use. The cable of the navigation light is fastened with the complete lampshade & bulb and the good & reliable ground.

2. The switch should be set on the navigation light control box, used to convert the power supply. Each navigation light should be powered by a separate branch that is placed close to the control box installed in the cab and should adopt the switch and fuse which are installed in the control box for control and protection of each insulation of these branches.

3.The navigation light control box should be powered directly from the main distribution board and emergency distribution board.

4. There should be an automatic indicator that can make an auditory or a visual alarm signal at each navigation light and there should be some measurements which are adopted to prevent the navigation light go out due to the signal light failure. The auditory and visual alarms for the failure of the navigation light control box should be provided.

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