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How to Get 96 OVR Moments in MyTeam Joel Embiid
In order to earn Moments Embiid in MyTeam, players must complete six separate agendas. These agendas include objectives that need to be accomplished by playing MyTeam's various online and offline modes. Get nba 2k23 mt at a6k.
Here are the six agendas, and the rewards for each:
Score 59 points with any Joel Embiid card in a match (rewarded with the Moments Trophy Case Pack)
Get 11 rebounds in a game with any Joel Embiid card (rewarded with the Rebounding Kings Pack)
Get 7 caps with any Joel Embiid card in-game (rewarded with the Rim Protector Award Pack)
Get 8 assists in a match with any Joel Embiid card (rewarded with the current trophy pack)
Make a 3-pointer with any Joel Embiid in a game (30 MyTeam Tokens rewarded)
Get a steal with any Joel Embiid card in a match (rewarded with a shoe bonus pack)
As with other Moments and Takeover challenges that have been dropped in the past, our recommendation is to work in single player mode, especially Domination. This will allow you to accumulate stats without having to deal with "sweat" in online games. Now, the good news is that you can use any Joel Embiid card. This includes the one that can be found in Token Market's 76ers Starters Option Pack, or Joel Embiid's starter card. The former can be purchased in the token market for 30 MyTeam tokens, so it may not be an option for some.

After completing six challenges, players will receive 96 OVR Moments Joel Embiid. This card will be leaving the MyTeam agenda on November 17th.
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