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4 effective ways to promote your landing page
Creating a Landing Page in RD Station is a simple process. It is possible to create pages that are aesthetically interesting and aligned with the visual identity of your site in a few minutes. We have already discussed this process in detail in another post, to check it out just access it: Step by step to create Landing Pages and improve your results in Digital Marketing However, as interesting as the content is, creating a Landing Page will not automatically bring you Leads. Your audience first needs to find the page in order for it to drive them to conversion. But how to do it? In this post, we bring you 4 effective ways to promote your Landing Page, and show how RD Station can be useful in each case. 

Start creating and promoting your Landing Pages. Test RD Station Marketing for free and create your pages in just a few minutes. You can even set up Email Marketing campaigns and schedule their whatsapp database publication on Social Media. Don't waste any more time! Your professional email 4 Ways to Promote Your Landing Page 1. Use Calls-to-Action on your website The first way is the most natural. The idea is to direct website visitors to the new Landing Page using Calls-to-Action (Calls, or CTA's) on strategic pages of your website. Your company can use everything from full banners to simple text links. Your website's home page is probably the most visited and therefore has the greatest potential to drive visitors and generate conversions. 

[Image: download-3.jpg]

Therefore placing a call to action on a product or service related to the Landing Page offer on the homepage is a good idea. This serves as a “safety net” when a visitor is not yet ready to make a purchase, giving you the opportunity to retain them for a future opportunity. Your blog posts are also a good gateway for Leads. Put a Call-to-Action in each text to capitalize on hits. An interesting strategy is to include offers as close as possible to the subject of the post. For example, note that at the end of the post “ 11 tips to make your calls call-to-action get noticed and clicked we recommend our material on Calls-to-Action. In addition to the suggestions presented, you can discover other interesting pages using RD Station's Most Visited Pages feature.

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