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"There was a miscommunication," Jazz coach Quin Snyder said. "Mike switched out and Rudy went back to (Karl-Anthony) Towns."

If there’s such a thing as having too many good players, the Clippers could actually be exhibit A. Lue has decisions to make, and he admitted to already thinking about the playoffs and potential matchups, choosing not to insult anyone’s intelligence but also, being quick to say he doesn’t talk about it with his players yet.

But even then, they need someone to make defenses uncomfortable, to apply pressure, to create looks when tough shots lead to tough results.LA Clippers

Garland was 4-for-4 on 3-point attempts against the Bulls. He made 2 of 5 from beyond the arc while scoring 27 points in the loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Friday and 4 of 8 from 3-point range Sunday.Phoenix Suns

The absolute best-case scenario for Chicago — climbing to a fourth or fifth seed, winning a playoff round and losing to a heavy favorite in the Eastern Conference semifinals — always seemed like a long shot. Vucevic would have had to fit seamlessly into the fabric of a team that was already hanging by a thread.

[Image: boston-celtics-waterproof-nba-boston-cel...50x250.jpg]
Custom NBA Drawstring Bags Wholesale

That partly explains Love's apology to his team and willingness to publicly address his inbounds pass snafu nearly a day later.Los Angeles Lakers

New Orleans has found success playing in Denver, winning there in each of the last two seasons. Monday's victory could be a catalyst going into the home stretch.Minnesota Timberwolves

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